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  • Backup Solutions

    Most modern businesses require a level of protection beyond mere “data-only” backups. We will protect your data via 3 methods: Pure data-­only backups which protect your file data, 'system state' backups which make a snapshot of your data which can be easily restored in case of total system failure and a further cloud-based backup.

    A comprehensive backup solution is essential to a modern business. We take the headache away and can get you back up and run in a matter of hours.

    As part of our service, we monitor, test and check your backups for you. As your business develops it is important that your backups are reviewed and adjusted to accommodate these changes.  We test your backups at regular intervals and report back.

    Our plans are individually bespoke for each client so that you are only purchasing services you need and will actually use. We offer every level of engagement from fully managed solutions to “light touch” offerings where you pay just for the services you require as and when you need them.


  • Bring Your Own Device


    A revolution is happening in the workplace. More and more employees are bringing in their own devices and expecting full access to both business and personal applications. 

    Who do you give access to? How do you manage all of these devices? Will the network get overloaded?


    Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a trend that's impossible to stem. Because it's led by your employees now is the time to act to get appropriate policies and infrastructure in place to enable BYOD in a secure way. We can help.

    Nowadays almost all workers have used their own device in work, most professionals typically use at least 2 personal devices to access online functions and Apple have over a 40% share of the UK device market.


    The benefits of BYOD to your business can be manyfold - Owners can increase employee productivity and customer care, IT will regain control over network security headaches, HR can attract and retain the best talent by letting staff choose the tools they use for work, there is a tangible cost saving in terms of potentially saving money on providing and maintaining devices. Should your employees use devices for both personal and business use then increasing productivity can be a by-product of their increased satisfaction.


  • Email Solutions

    We provide a whole raft of Email solutions starting with the provision of Web Domains and Email Addresses.


    In terms of Email Security we provide Email Filtering, Antivirus Protection, Spam Analysis, Content Filtering, End-User Spam Management and Organisational or End User Quarantine Management and Email Alerts service.


    We regularly undertake competitor analysis to ensure that we remain ahead of the industry and agile to new requirements.


  • IT & Data Security

    Design & Install – Our qualified technicians can walk you through each step from initially understanding the requirements of your business through designing an appropriate solution for your growth, resilience and compliance needs. You may require something very basic but we are able to design and configure at all levels right up to complex firewall solutions.


    Once the appropriate solution for your organisation is sourced and planned the installation phase will commence. This will initially involve the initial configuration of the sourced solution, software and hardware would then be patched to the latest firmware/software updates. The configuration of the network settings would then commence to allow traffic to pass through the device and then be configured with all relevant filters and services. The final stages would involve enabling logging and monitoring and performing a full backup of the configuration in the event of a failure in the future.


    Test & Manage - Once the installation is started the configuration would be tested fully at each milestone defined by the initial discussions at the planning stage. Once the solution is in place this will again be fully tested to ensure that nothing has been overlooked.


    Devices must be provisioned, deployed, upgraded and patched to keep up with the latest threats. Security policies and configurations must be updated to ensure appropriate access controls are consistent with changing business environments. Network traffic must be monitored continuously to identify and respond to threats before damage is done.


    Create IT can provide version control, management and updates of all applications, patches and associated software as updates become available and remove any updates that cause malfunction or degradation in performance. 


    Network Monitoring & Alerting Services - All supported mission critical systems will be monitored using a range of different methods. Alerts are monitored and assigned out to engineers in order of priority.


    Monitor Back Up – We will perform routine daily checks of backup systems and all critical system information.


    Problem & Incident management - We adopt recognised procedures to ensure both incident management and problem management are addressed correctly. The aim of incident management is to restore the service to the user as quickly as possible, rather than through trying to find a permanent solution which is the aim of problem management. We will proactively take ownership of both roles.


  • Network Solutions

    Poor network performance is bad for business. We install and support fast, reliable and secure data and voice networks that are essential for productivity.


    Create IT can provide a scalable network solution to ensure that you get the right network for your organisation, especially one that has the flexibility to grow with you and your business. We are experienced in offering Network Services to small and medium organisations throughout the South West.


    Your Local Area Network usually provides the backbone of your operation and can be either an asset or a liability to your business depending on its implementation. Create IT delivers practical LANs which fit your environment and integrate effectively with other networks whether wireless or Wide Area Networks (WAN). The choice of Wide Area Network solutions, technology and carriers can be complex and confusing. Create IT simplifies the whole experience by outlining clear choices including the pros and cons of each option.


    We can provide advice on service providers and solutions regarding the following:


    - Phone Services

    - ADSL & Naked ADSL

    - Dedicated Lines & Closed VPNs

    - Remote Access

    - Wireless Networks & Virtual Private Networks


    Network Security - The domestic router that you use at home is just not going to provide enough security for your business network. Network firewalls are such the Dell Sonicwall are the next step up in network security.


    Hardware firewalls sit at the edge of your network and protect your network and data from unwanted intrusions and threats. Firewalls are a specialised install, but necessary for things like PCI DSS compliance for instance if you store financial data onsite. If you have any sensitive data on your network, then you should consider a firewall.


    Managed Wi-Fi - Wi-­Fi is essential throughout most businesses.  We can help you manage everything from single Access Points to Wi-­Fi systems covering large sites and multiple buildings.


    These high performance systems will give you fast, reliable and secure Wi-­Fi coverage which is also flexible enough to be able to offer your staff and customers internet access without compromising your network security.


  • Tech Support


    IT Support Services - You decide what you want us to provide and how and when you want it done. We can supply anything from Pay As You Go with occasional phone and remote support to fully managed helpdesk services and monitoring for your servers and networks.


    Remote Support - Often the quickest way of getting support is by allowing us to connect to your computer remotely over the internet. We can resolve a lot of issues this way, and you get an instant result without having to wait for an engineer to visit.


    Helpdesk Services - Our customers can raise a ticket via our website at any time and get a call logged for us to help. Alternatively you can always call the helpdesk line to speak to an engineer or specialist.


  • Virtualisation

    Virtualisation is a technology that allows a single physical server to "host" multiple "guest" operating systems on a single piece of hardware in completely isolated locations.


    Installing traditional physical servers typically requires a separate physical server for each server role. Utilising virtual server technology the number of physical servers is greatly reduced which will result in a more streamlined system and lower business expenditure due to more efficient use of hardware resources.


    A virtualised platform is highly scalable, meaning that a client can start small and expand as required. As less physical hardware is required over time as your business grows and expands, you can save significantly on server procurement and management costs.


    Due to the portable nature of guest Virtual Machines, they are easily able to survive host server failures with very minimal downtime. In a properly deployed environment, the virtual workloads of a host server that fails can be automatically restarted on any remaining host servers in the event of a host failure. This feature is completely automated, with the management server closely monitoring the heartbeat of the host servers to quickly identify any issues and restart affected virtual machines as quickly as possible.


    Organisations that deploy virtualised environments are proven to reduce their energy consumption (leading to a reduced carbon footprint) and improve the effectiveness of their disaster recovery plan.