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  • Bookkeeping

    Bookkeeping is the record of the transactions your business makes. This forms the basis of VAT compliance, your annual accounts and management information.


    As well as recording and reporting your transactions, our Bookkeeping services can include invoicing, payments and debt management advice.


    Let Create Accountancy Solutions take on the daily drudgery and make sure you are compliant. This means you can relax and concentrate on the things in your business which would make the most difference.

  • Cashflow Forecasting

    Cashflow forecasting or cashflow management is a key aspect of the financial management of a business, planning your future cash requirements to avoid a crisis of liquidity.


    Create Accountancy Services can work with you to provide information that is useful to you in running your business and help keep the bank manager off your back.

  • Company Secretarial

    At Create Accountancy Solutions we offer a comprehensive secretarial service for your business.


    This includes preparing and filing annual returns, issuing shares, administrating and dealing with new appointments or leavers and maintaining statutory records with the relevant authorities.

  • Management Accounts

    You know your business but do you fully understand the numbers that come from it? And crucially the implication of those numbers?


    Management Accounting is the provision of accounting data to better inform decisions, rather than just calculating how much tax you need to pay.


    Create Accountancy Solutions will work with you to develop a better understanding of your business figures and use them to help you to maximise your business, both in terms of avoiding issues and making the most of opportunities.


  • PAYE

    The rules can be complex and it's time consuming if it's not your normal routine.


    Create Accountancy Solutions can help you properly comply with the changing landscape of regulations, pay the correct amounts and also avoid fines. 

    We specialise in Pay As You Earn (PAYE) – payroll tax, National Insurance Contributions (NIC) – payroll benefit contribution tax and also Construction Industry Sub-contractors Scheme (CIS) – paying sub-contractors (and their tax) in the construction industry.


  • Payroll

    Paying the right amounts to yourself and your employees at the right time involves some complex rules and calculations.


    At Create Accountancy Solutions we can help you properly comply with the regulations, maintain the correct records, returns and avoid fines.


    This will become even more important when you have to provide a pension scheme for your employees through Auto Enrolment. We can also work with our colleagues in Create Financial Consulting to ensure this comply with the most recent pension legislation.

  • Research and Development

    Research and Development (R&D) tax credits reward UK companies for investing in innovation. These tax credits are an extremely valuable government tax relief that could be beneficial to your business.

    R&D is for companies that spend money on developing new innovative products, services or processes; and those who are enhancing existing ones. If you are doing this, you are eligible for a Corporation Tax reduction and/or a cash payment.

    We can help you understand R&D in further detail and pursue your R&D claim.

  • Statutory Accounts

    If you have set-up a limited company, your company’s annual accounts are called Statutory Accounts.


    Your Statutory Accounts (at least in abbreviated form) must be sent to Companies House and also HMRC as part of your Company Tax Return; and an Annual Return must also be sent to Companies House.


    Here at Create Accountancy Solutions we can guide you through this and ensure you continue to comply with changes in regulation and legislation.




    FRS102 is the main new UK Financial Reporting Standard and replaces all previous financial reporting standards. It is a Fundamental change in accounting treatment and presentation, effective for all financial years beginning on or after 1 January 2015 for most companies (except small entities). Separate new regulation also applies to small entities.


    In the past different accounting standards evolved in the different countries across the world. Globalisation and the recent global financial economic collapse have greatly increased pressure to unify how accounts are prepared across the world. These are the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).


    FRS102 represents a reduced level of disclosure requirement (for companies in the UK and Ireland) in comparison to the implementation of full International Financial Reporting Standards. Larger and listed companies must implement full International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).


    See also FRSSE – The Financial Reporting Standard for Smaller Entities (old and replacement); and FRSME - The Financial Reporting Standard for Micro Entities.



  • Tax

    If you trade in any business in the UK you must prepare accounts every year and submit a Tax Return to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). This allows them to assess how much tax you will need to pay.


    Create Accountancy Solutions can establish what you have to pay in tax, when you have to pay it and advise on how best to go about this.


    We work in a joined up way with our clients which helps you to plan, find the money and pay the bill.

  • Tax Investigation Service

    HMRC are conducting a record number of Tax Investigations and compliance checks, this service protects you. We are constantly vigilant to stay up to date with the latest tax advances, however Tax Investigations are selected at random – meaning that anybody could be at risk, at any time. This service covers our professional fees should HMRC target you for an investigation – saving you any unwanted costs.

  • VAT

    VAT rules can be complex and the penalties severe. You have to comply.


    Our VAT Compliance Services include:

    Assistance with VAT registration and deregistration.

    Assistance with the preparation, completion and/or review of: VAT returns, EC Sale Lists for goods and/or services and Intrastat supplementary declarations.


    Using CAS for your VAT Compliance will help you ensure best practice is being deployed and that your business is complying with its statutory and legal VAT obligations.


    We can also help you navigate Partial Exemption and Standard/Cash/Flat Rate Schemes.